How to get first cell which is referred to formula and last cell which refers to formula in Excel worksheet?


In the situation that you had to parse worksheet with much formula, what would you do? You would trace formula to first cell which has no reference. In this article, I’d like to describe to find the first cells with wading through spaghetti formula.

In order to demonstrate that set A is equal to set B, you should demonstrate that the union is equal to the intersection.

When you compare DirectPrecendents property and Precendents property, which refer to direct reference range and all reference range, respectively, if the former is equal to the later, the range is the first cell. It’s assumed that no range refers to other worksheets and they have no cyclic references.

You could constitute tree structure from first cell to last cell or from the last to the first, respectively. It’s a common technique to configure deployment folders or components.

I’d like to present other code with DirectDependents property and DirectPrecedents property of range object. It’s the first cell that the range has DirectDependents property but has no DirectPrecedents property.

At last, I’d like to present the code to get the last cells that have opposite Boolean value of conditional expression.


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